A workshop in collaboration with the Center to Advance Inquiry-Based Opportunities in Ecology & Conservation at UC Santa Cruz


Vol. 7, Issue 1: Winter/Spring 2019

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A multimedia storytelling project in collaboration with Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium



Coal’s Last Gamble: A choking industry bets on one more big score Grist

Women of the Bayou: Stories of resilience and ingenuity in Louisiana's changing landscape, Louisiana Sea Grant

What I Learned About Our Planet By Watching 540 Hours of ‘Survivor’ Motherboard

Lava, Land and Life Forms Motherboard

Justice for the Swamp: Why We Hate Some Ecosystems and Not Others Motherboard


Celebrate America by avoiding our national embarrassment: Hot dogs Grist

The Alberta wildfire is dumping mercury into the atmosphere Grist

Fighting climate change with Snapchat? Meet the Pacific Islander trying it out. Grist

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The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Octopus Motherboard

A Scientific Memoir That's Beautifully Written Popular Science

A Whaleship Full of Cannibals (Who Happen To Be My Family) Narratively

California’s Massive Methane Leak Probably Won’t Be Its Last Motherboard

Why Eradicating Earth’s Mosquitoes To Fight Disease Is Probably a Bad Idea Motherboard

Shameful Sport Slate

Who's Stealing New York City's Pigeons? VICE

Bloggers Won the War Over the Word 'Internet' Gawker

Women Get Equal Pay In One State Gawker

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ExxonMobil Targets Journalists and Activists After Climate Change Investigation Motherboard

Climate Change Is Already Costing Us Billions of Dollars Every Year Motherboard

Air Pollution Could Actually Save Arctic Sea Ice. But Should We Use It? Motherboard

Poachers Are Using Cyanide To Slaughter Entire Herds of Elephants Motherboard

The Navy Is Still Making Dolphins Deaf, Despite What You May Have Heard Motherboard

Six Years Later: Did 'The Cove' Impact Dolphin Hunting in Japan? Motherboard

There Is One Company that Could Put a Big Dent in the Shark Fin Trade Overnight Motherboard

UPS Finally Banned Shark Fins. What Now? Motherboard

Rhino Horn Cams? If Only Stopping Poachers Were That Easy Motherboard

Customers Are Boycotting UPS Because It Ships Severed Animal Heads Motherboard

The One Company That Could Put A Big Dent In The Shark Fin Trade Overnight Motherboard

Trying To Ride Wild Animals Is The Latest Bullshit Trend On YouTube Motherboard

Speeding To Extinction? The Fate Of Pacific Bluefin Tuna May Be Decided This Week EarthTouchNews

What It's Like To Watch A Ton Of Ivory Pulverised Into Powder EarthTouchNews

Place Where You Live: Crown Heights, Brooklyn, Orion Magazine

Chris Christie, Sipping a Smoothie, Was Kicked Off an Amtrak Car For Screaming on His Phone [Updated] Gawker 

Fear The Vegetable Gawker

 'The Burning Man of Rats': New York City Has Reached Peak Rat Gawker

The 81-Year Evolution Of Jane GoodallThe Dodo

What Calling Animals 'Who' Really Means The Dodo

What Is SeaWorld Trying To Hide By Painting Their Orcas Black? The Dodo

First They Silenced Activists, Now Big Dairy Is Silencing Farmers The Dodo

The Rat Hunters Of New York Narratively

Oil Company To Drill While Gulf Still Recovers From Devastating Spill Azula

On the East River, the Fishing Is Good But How Are the Fish? The New York Times' East Village Local


MSNBC: "Is SeaWorld Going The Way of Ringling Bros?"

"The Wild Life" podcast with Jason Goldman, Ep. 27: "Melissa Cronin on gibbon songs, penguin poop & killer whales in captivity"

HuffPost Live: "What Are Narwhals?

LA Talk Radio's State Of The Oceans: Interview with Sea Shepherd Captain Paul Watson